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City of Glass by Cassandra Clare

City of Glass  - Cassandra Clare

This one did not do much for me. I honestly thought it would be better since I actually liked the previous two books in this series. I found it slow-paced and overall boring. Why doesn't it end here? There's a fourth and a fifth and a sixth book in this series... why? Just why? It was too dragged out as it is. I think just the two books would've been enough. 

What is it with all this female authors writing never-ending sequels?


I'm pissed off, I've barely succeeded in finishing this book. I kept reading a page or two and then leaving it for some other book. The characters were OK, the writing was OK - I guess, but the plot line... meh! 

Like I said, I'm very disappointed. Maybe I'll get back to this one to do a proper review, but until then: recommended? No, waste of time and money. Just read the first two books, you'll know exactly what happens in the third.