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City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare

City of Ashes  - Cassandra Clare

I enjoyed this book quite a lot, even though it's not the most popular (at least not with my friends) from the Mortal Instruments series. I felt like it was a bridge between City of Bones and City of Glass (which I'm almost done with!). 


I don't feel like giving it a full review just yet, mainly because I have nothing to add to any of the good reviews that are already existing out there. I felt like it was a need for this book especially from a character development point of view. After all, Simon becomes a vampire, Clary finds out she has a very special ability, we get more interaction with Valentine - the father. 


I will definitely write a more thorough review later on, maybe after I finish the rest of the books from this series. 


Happy reading little bookworms!