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Oh My

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - J.K. Rowling, John Kerr Tiffany, Jack Thorne

I so wanted to love this one and I kind of liked some parts, but in a guilty, not-so-proud-of-myself kind of way. 

Don't be mistaken by the 2 stars I gave it, this play script is bad and I'm sure the play was horrible too. This book does not read like any of J.K. Rowling's previously written books in the HP world and the characters are barely shadows of the characters that we left at the end of the 7th book. This book reads like a fan-fiction and to be honest with you, that's what it is. 


- Albus Severus Potter - sorted into Slytherin (an HP fan's wet dream);

- Severus Snape - way warmer than usual and just an entirely different character - "Tell Albus that I'm proud he has my name"? - he wouldn't fucking care and all the die-hard fans know that, he didn't care about anything but Lily;

- Ron Weasley - he's an extra, I'd even call him a spare character, only that nobody actually killed him;

- Rose Granger-Weasley - mean, stuck up and not at all like Hermione, I didn't even care about her;

- Delphini Lestrange-Riddle - wow, just wow... sounds very much like a fan-fiction, Tom/Voldemort was not interested in that, he wanted to just not be a human being. And wouldn't Draco know about Delphini if Bellatrix gave birth at the Malfoy Manner? What the actual fuck...

- Amos Diggory - unnecessary drama, we probably can tell that Harry blamed himself for the death of Cedric and all the other people that have given their life to save him, but Amos knew that Voldemort was the sole responsible person for the death of his son. He wouldn't possibly blame this on Harry;

- Hermione Granger - Minster for Magic - I might buy that, but she's stupid and reckless, not at all the character we knew;

- Draco Malfoy - waaay too friendly, what the fuck is with those Time Turners?


I do not recommend this to any die-hard fan, this is a fan-fiction written poorly and sold like the real deal which makes me really angry.

This is not a J.K. Rowling book. Waste of time. Too bad this will be associated with the HP world.