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Things you hate

I've been doing some character hating lately (it seems that's all I talk about) and it got me thinking - what is this hating all about? Do we hate characters because we cannot empathize with them or is it because we are trained, so to speak, to not like certain types of characters?


Well, I have a great quote for you, it's from Mark Twain and it goes a little like this...

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”


So, for example, I'm quite concerned about the fact that I HATE, that's right H-A-T-E, Christian Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey. I'm not in the majority here, but I still have to say that it's not because I cannot empathize with him, it's because he "embodies" everything I don't like about the other half of this population - men. When I realized my hatred for this fictional character I had to stop for a second and think - am I not enjoying the story because of my opinions and beliefs? The story was shit too, so whatever, but I hope you get my point.


Even before I've learned about this quote, every time I found myself on the side of the majority I started thinking of reasons I agree with the general opinion. Why do I believe in God? Is it because I actually think there is a higher power that will save my mortal soul or is it because I want to be accepted? For this particular question, my case was the latter. I felt the need to be accepted by my peers.

I have to ask myself these sort of questions at every step I take.


So, when reading a book, ask yourselves why do you agree, like everyone else, that Sally is a soul-sucking bitch? And that applies to TV show characters too. 


P.S. I usually don't HATE characters, I just don't like 'em, but if I hate them it's because I feel like they attack my beliefs. I don't go overboard with this hate, I always know where fiction ends and reality starts - but Shane Dawson says it better in his video Larry Shippers. I hope you enjoy it!