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World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War - Max Brooks

Holy shit! Zombies!

World War Z is exactly what its title suggests: an oral history of the zombie war (way to state the obvious, I know). We find out how and where it all began, starting with a young boy from China who is bitten and goes all zombie-like and bites a lot of people who try to help him. He becomes "patient zero". As it is with all zombie stories the infection can't be contained at first so it spreads and spreads until it almost achieves global domination and that's when the world strikes back, because what's life without a little bit of excitement? The United States are totally unprepared for this one - but really? Who wouldn't be prepared for a zombie apocalypse nowadays? I know I'm prepared. So anyways, they lose New York and after that they go all Cold War style on all those bad zombie-asses.
Overall it's a book that describes how each and every great power handles this pandemic that threatens to erase all life on Earth. A lot of military stuff, a lot of Americans who know better. Russians being animals. Yeah, due to lack of fertile women they start a breeding program so as to impregnate the remaining women. Two words, fucking animals. A giant leap for mankind indeed.
Of course, at first no one wants to recognize that there is a problem.

Holy shit! Zombies!
Holy shit! Zombies!

In my opinion, this ignorance is the real cause of the pandemic going Global. According to the book, initially it starts spreading to other countries with the illegal organ trade. I guess that's plausible, although I'm still wondering how come the infected organs didn't look different. One of the interviewee tries to rationalize this, he explains that the organs weren't saturated with the infection. Anyway, after everybody starts freaking out a period known as the Great Panic begins, so bring in the full body armor, the Kevler vests and let's start shooting people!
It's a good book. No, it's a great book. If the dead would start to wake up I think this is the exact way things would go down. So then why only 3 stars? Because of the Newsflesh Trilogy. It's ironic, but I prefer the cute version over the harsh too-close-to-reality version. I would not want to live in a world after World War Z.