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Deadline by Mira Grant

Deadline - Mira Grant

I would not actually call this a review, you won't understand much of it if you haven't read the book already. I'm sorry, I just needed to write down my thoughts about it.
O.K. What I feel about this book is... Oh my God! But what I think of it? I don't know, I feel like I shouldn't have liked it so much but I did and I do. So, the book starts of with Shaun and his team back on the field again, but this time he's not so keen on poking things with a stick anymore and he misses Georgia out of his God damn mind, literally - he's gone all bat-shit crazy talking to her and later on he even starts having hallucinations of her.
I don't know what to think about sibling incest, Mira Grant (a.k.a Seanan Mcguire) got me all confused and now I sort of like the idea of Shaun and Georgia being in love with each other. At first I thought that Shaun was all heartbroken over her (like I was) because she was the only sibling he could relate to, the only family he truly had, but then Mira Grant starts going out of her way putting Shaun and his second in command Becks in the same bed, having hot and steamy sex 'cause they made it out of the CDC alive. Now that was all right with me, especially because her way of describing sex was kinda geeky and funny to read but (and I literally dropped my kindle at that point), after the sex was done and both of them were kinda drifting off to sleep, Shaun says “Good night, George”. Really?
After that denial kicked in and I kept telling myself that he missed being physically close to his sister, but then there are all those little hints in the book, I don't know anymore - at this point, I'm happy either way.
Shaun has not disappointed me, succeeded in not dying - 3 stars right there!
He wants to know who is responsible for the death of his sister so he upsets all the right people and all Hell starts raining down on them by the end of the book. Shaun being the narrator made it all the more enjoyable for me, he's reckless (not so much as he was before) and has nothing to lose. When he is not talking to Georgia he's talking about Georgia and Buffy is also a regular too.
Personally, I like how Shaun explains the first Rising from his point of view, keeps the readers memory refreshed. I also liked the technical tidbits. He talks about the virus a lot and the safety precautions, at some point that started bothering me a bit but I got over it soon enough.
I had a minor heart-attack when Shaun was bitten as they were traveling to Dr. Abby's lab, but then it turns out he's what I would call immune - all was well in my world but, and this is a BIG one, Mira Grant decided to go all Resident Evil on my ass - I did not expect that (I will not write it down, it will just make me want to read the third book and I should really get some sleep now). Wow, just wow.
I have one more thing to add, I really like how this book is not just about the fight against the zombies, it's much more than that or so I like to think. Maybe it's not the best, maybe I'll revise my ratings after I finished World War Z and have something to compare the books to. Let's hope not, enjoy your reading!