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Entwined with You by Sylvia Day

Entwined with You - Sylvia Day

What did I think? Oh you'll find out soon enough.

This book is about nothing and money at the same time. How is it about money? Well, Entwined with you is the perfect example of how nowadays books are written to make money and not because the author, Sylvia Day in this case, has a story to share with us.
The storyline is nonexistent and I dare you to contradict me, I just read 356 pages about nothing and I feel it robbed me of the precious time I save every day for reading.

My feelings exactly

Nothing happened to Gideon and Eva - I kept reading Ana for obvious reasons, she can't even walk when she's sad for fuck's sakes. Gideon didn't get arrested, he is not even suspected of murdering the rapist who apparently is involved with the Russian mob too - G-man also suggests that somebody knows about what he did and covered it up so the case could go cold.

My feelings exactly

Ana, I mean Eva is more and more in love with her violent, psychically challenged bitch-boy, I mean rich-boy. She does not evolve as a character at all. Eva says she's not a cock-hungry slut - I beg to disagree. Oh by the way, she has a sex tape that she doesn't know about. Gideon to the rescue! The guy, a wannabe videographer, who put together the sex tape is not allowed to publish it (or whatever) - for now, well at least not in this book.
I can't think of anything else worth mentioning, I don't even remember half of the shit I've just read, it was just so stupid and nonsensical. Oh! They elope, wow. How original. Eva is the only one who benefits from Gideon's prenuptial agreement. How convenient. The only thing she has to change is her name to Eva Cross officially becoming a property.

Money, money, money
Must be funny
In the rich man's world

My feelings exactly

What? Did you think I forgot about the sex? Nope. It was either disgusting or it seemed painful even though our favorite cock-hungry slut liked it.
later edit: I feel like I need to explain. He has a humongous cock and she has a tight pussy - so I've been told, more than a dozen times, but no matter what he does to her - she likes it. I understand the fact that this is THAT kind of book where the main protagonists have sex all the time, but the author could've been more realistic. Moreover, that wasn't even her intention - that's what's pissing me off.

My feelings exactly

This book was horrible. I never abandon book series even if they're awful, but I have to say I'm done. It just makes me sad that people buy this shit and trees were killed for it to be printed. I'm sorry for myself too, I'm never making this mistake again.

My feelings exactly